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Sequins, sequins, sequins! Whether they're large paillettes or small sequins, we all love seeing them! Bright, colorful, vibrant. These garments give the fantasy of being a disco ball. Be it a wild night at the bar, a party where you want to make or be the scene, or a trip to the beach where you will shine like none other, these garments will satisfy that desire to be the center of attention! Shine bright like a ... sequin!


These garments are made to order and colors/varieties vary regularly. Have you seen a color of sequin you love but don't see it here? DM us on Instagram to see what other colors may be available!


Base garment - 100% Polyester

Add ons:

Robe - +$25

Large Paillette - +$25

Hood - +$75

Sequin kaftans and robes

  • Sequins are delicate and will shed with time. Hand wash only to ensure they last as long as possible. To bring that gorgeous shine back should they ever dull, use glass cleaner to get that shine we love so much. Fold when not in use. The base tulle will stretch if hung for too long, but will shrink right back up when washed in warm water

  • All of our garments are constructed to fit a chest circumference of at least 78 inches! For questions about length, please message us on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at

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