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I'll try defying gravity when I'm wearing this absolutely WICKED kaftan! Emerald green shifting with a lustrous black, no one will be able to bring you down when you're spotted wearing this!

You’re stunning. You’re smart. You know what you want and you won’t let anyone get in the way. The Glitter Bitch Collection is a celebration of the bitchiest parts of ourselves. Feel strong and beautiful while knowing that you’re that bitch in any of these kaftans

Green and black iridescent mesh material

100% polyester

The photoshoot detailing this collection was done by Jordan Service Photography. To see more of his amazing work, follow his Instagram @JordanServicePhotography or check out his links at

The Wicked 2.0

  • Concerned about the length? Please email us at or DM us @bearlycoveredclothing for questions about sizing. We are happy to hem your garment to fit your height

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